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Finding hope post election

By MoMnmb
Well, it's time to make a comment on the election despite my heavy feelings. I was shocked to see just how badly Republicans had been trounced. I guess that shows how badly I was out of the loop. My life has been so unstable the last year that I was in a fog. I feel especially bad that many of our local races fell victim to the backlash against the war. These were good people who did not deserve to lose.
I am only cheered by the fact that now Democrats will share in the responsibility for what is happening. Perhaps it will cut down on the rampant demagogary that has been going on. Maybe they will have some good idea's on how to improve Iraq. (vs JUST RUN AWAY!) We must be united or these terrorists will not be held back. I can imagine, like Peggy Noonan, the dilemma this split government now puts terrorist leaders in. Who do they hate now? How do they divide us now?
I feel like Republican politicians too often follow the peer pressure in DC and leave their constituents too easily. That is what caused them to lose. We lost our conservatism and fell for the traps of fame, money, and stubbornness. Yes, I love President Bush. Has he disappointed me? YES! Is it his fault? Yes and No. Certainly he doesn't control Congress. They have a mind of their own, but neither did he ever feel strongly enough about spending to veto anything. In fact he stole the Dem's ideas and added more social programs (Medicare Drug benefit). By the way, this program caused a family member to lose his employer provided perscription coverage the moment he qualified for this pathetic program.
So, I'm taking heart that maybe Republicans will once again pick up their conservative torch and run with it. After all, I've heard over and over that it wasn't liberals who won these elections. It was Democrats who are CONSERVATIVE!
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