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Democrats should worship Bush?

Another letter I wrote to our local paper responding to this letter:
I have been totally disgusted by the looting that is going on in the south, but even more repulsed by people like Mary Fiddler who are engaging in political looting. These people are so poisoned with hate for President Bush that they can't wait to attack and blame him for not having the knowledge of a God. Here's a news flash: Bush is not God! Even the most rabid Republican's don't allot President Bush the power to foresee the future. He could not have held back the waters, nor could he have sent troops into the city without the permission of the state. The first responders to any emergency are always local and state officials. They were most familiar with the details of the area and the situation. This city was run by Democrats for a very long time. It's so insulting for these people to assume that no one in America can possibly take care of themselves, and we must have a "Big Daddy" in Washington DC to wipe our noses!
Even if Bush were a prophet he could not have done a thing to stop it. That's why we call natural disasters, "acts of God". Had he tried to storm into New Orleans and force people out before the storm, we would have seen mass fainting and hysteria from the left and immediate impeachment proceedings. These ridiculous ignorant people, who can't wait for an opportunity to attack Bush, need to get a life! Bad things do happen and we can't always stop them. Levies are no guarantee of safety.Mrs. Fiddler and the political looters like her need to stop praying to Big Government and find a real God. Bush certainly isn't a God, nor does he ascribe himself the divine powers that the left seems to think he ought to have. It is revealing to see the powers the left thinks our government ought to have.
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