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Congress gone crazy

Congress gone crazy
I heard Tim Iman (Washington's citizen initiative King) on the radio this morning talking about his Initiative to undo the recent legislatures vote to add homosexuals and others to the list of protected people, aka Civil rights bill. I wholeheartedly support the marriage protection movement. However, after reading headlines again the last few weeks, I'm totally cynical about our government on any level responding to the desires of it's citizens. The Fed's can't decide what message to send about illegal immigration, and state governments are routinely railroading right over the votes of the citizens regarding homosexual issue's (among other things), and if that fails, the courts have shown their willingness to disregard any rule of the people and have gone on a spree against the people (see rulings about partial birth abortion). I really feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. We have become so driven by fear-mongers on everything from the national language to global warming to civil rights, that no one has the courage to stop the mad spin and yell, "HEY! STOP!". I'm getting simply disgusted at the way our governments are ramming headlong into tyranny of the politically correct. We seem to have lost all common sense! We cannot even demand the enforcement of our laws without being branded as horribly evil! Where are the people who are courageous enough to stop the mad spin! Are there any out there? Is anyone seeing what I see?
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