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Washington State Republican Convention 2006

Washington State Republican Convention
I went to the Washington State Republican Convention in Yakima this weekend. I got to meet candidates and office holders and ask many questions about issues that were important to me. I was also able to participate in the formation of the State's platform. The platform is what the party supports and what our candidates are supposed to agree to uphold. Not all of our members do so. Candidates to public office need to hear from us as much as current office holders do. We need to pressure them to put their intentions in writing. We need to let them know what we expect from them.
I wish more people would take the time to get involved in the political process. One thing I have learned through the last two + years as a member and volunteer in the Party is that we do have power. They need us to help them get elected. When we are willing to support a candidate with our time and our feet they are more willing to listen to us. This Federal Marriage Amendment is vital to the protection of marriage and we need to get all our representatives to give us a position on the Amendment as well as what they would be able to do about activist judges who too often turn the will of the people on its head.
I also got to hear speeches and meet candidates for State Judges. Two of the candidates for Supreme Court Judge, Groen and Johnson, are going to be excellent defenders and protectors of the sovereignty of the people. It is well known the Washington State Supreme Court is simply waiting for the opportunity to do what was done in Massachusetts.
If we are to answer God that we tried to keep this nation free and pure we must make our voices heard. Take the time to email, fax, call, and whatever it takes to make our desires known. We must make more noise that the professional agitators will make. Our passion must be well mannered and well informed. Take the time to read up on the issue. Don't stick your head in the sand and hope that you can make it through the coming changes and your children will not be effected. They are- we are, already being affected. Look around you.
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