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What's up now?

Whats up in my life today?
Well I am homeschooling my three kids. We are having a good time. We are trying all kinds of new things. They are re-learning to be curious and follow their own interests again.
I am a student at Columbia and a I am now taking American History 1877- present and (early) American Literature. These classes are right up my alley. I love reading the original documents that were written by the actually person, like William Bradford (Pilgrim on Mayflower) and Benjamin Franklin etc. I am writing a paper about my ancestor who was a member of the Martin Handcart Company that was stranded in a winter storm on their way to Utah.
I am a strong Republican too. Yes, I am one of those scary right wing religious nuts. I vote according to what I believe is best for us a nation, and that includes moral issues. I was the Secretary for my county party for a year until my life became so crazy last year. I wanted to do it well and couldn’t so I had to resign. My life is much calmer now although still busy. I am on the nominating committee and now need to find people to recommend for our executive committee. I love it. I love people!
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