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Who will stand up for marriage?

For about three years now, I have been spurred to action by the recent spate of threats to traditional marriage by judges and homosexual groups. When it looked like Massachusetts was going to legalize these pseudo-marriages by judicial fiat, I called my local Republican party and a pro-family group and offered to volunteer. I tried to tell people that this plague would enter our schools and soon be taught to our children in violation of parental desires. Not many believed me.
A recent article at quoted testimony before the Senate regarding the effects of legalizing same sex marriage in Massachusetts schools. Among the examples cited were:
A parent arrested for persisting in protesting his son's possession of a book discussing the issue
A Superintendent of Schools acknowledging that parents have asked to be notified of any discussions of homosexual ideas and then saying, in effect, never mind
Reporters trying to report on, and parents recording the schools gay pride presentation being kicked out and threatened with arrest if they return
And even a teacher who, in an interview, told how she uses explicit diagrams to teach the kids what gay sex is.
This short article is found here. Contact your favorite group fighting to save marriage and offer your help. Speak up. Educate yourself. Don't react with harshness, but with a thoughtful and complete explanation of the facts about this issue. Can God count on us to defend moral and right behavior and to stand up and fight evil? I will.
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