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The Santa Question

By MoMnmb
So what do you tell your kids about Santa? Do you ever fell like you are lying to your kids? I never did until my friend pointed out that we could be destroying our kid’s faith by telling him about a person who lives and operates and then finally admitting that he isn’t really real. Will they wonder at whether Jesus is really real? My friend told me she took a different approach. She felt like Santa was all of us.
So I used that to explain to my kids as they got older that they could be “Santa” too. We look for opportunities to “be Santa” for someone. They know that when they receive a gift from Santa that it is from Mom and Dad but they understand the idea now. And they understand that we can be like Jesus in the same way. We can follow him and do his works. But Jesus is a real being not a role. He is actually our Brother and he loves us with a real love. It is his birth that we celebrate on Christmas. Not Santa Claus at the North Pole bringing greedy kids and adult presents. When we center our celebration on Christ and not popular culture, we get it, and so will our kids.
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