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Government Health Scare!

The last month has been terrible with all the moving, layoffs, classes, and computer breakdowns we have been dealing with. By far the worst day was the day we went to Madigan expecting that they were going to do Pat's nerve biopsy and finally figure out what could be causing this nerve numbness. We were first ushered in by the Neurosurgeon's sidekick (don't know if he was an actual doctor although he called himself Doctor) and when he couldn't even guess why we were there we told him the whole history again and why were were there that day. He quickly went scampering off to find the chief clown. The chief clown recognized Pat and proceeded to look thru the three pages in his medical record, and then asked Pat to tell him the whole history again. After which the clown lifts Pats leg until it hurts and then asks him where it hurts. From this thorough exam he disagreed with the nerve doctors three days of painful and varied tests and decided that the nerve problem was indeed part of the back problem and that a nerve biopsy was not recommended. This was the same doctor who two years ago told Pat he was going to have to live with the pain and he would not recommend the necessary surgery because Pat was "too young". So he proceeds to tell Pat to tell the nerve doctor (right across the hallway) this and that message and they were too busy with brain and spine surgeries to do a nerve biopsy. He would have to go somewhere else. Why he couldn't pick up the phone, find out who the other doctor was (he asked us twice who he was) and tell him these things himself is beyond me. So he informed Pat that he needed ANOTHER MRI (just had one in August) and then to come back and discuss the situation. We also informed this clown that the medical board had suspended the medical board specificaly for this biopsy. Didn't matter to him. He was the chief clown at the circus and if he couldn't perform his miracle surgery it just couldn't be fixed (or diagnosed apparently) by anyone. So we hike over to another building and make the appointment for the MRI and then hoof it back to the chief clowns desk to make another appointment with him, knowing all the time what we were facing as long as we got to see him or his Junior clowns. Nothing and no hope. We found the nerve doctor and explained what had just happened and he agreed to send the request to another department to be done. We had to make another appointment for that. So Last Monday Pat drove 6 painful hours to have a 20 minute MRI done that could have been performed on our island. And he will have to make two more trips in about a week to attend this circus.
I'm so sick of being strung along by the Navy I could scream. These doctors have absolutely no interest in a diagnosis or solution. When one does finally take any interest he is blocked at every turn by the head clowns trying to feed thier massive egos. If anyone wants to advocate government run health care please talk to me I have real experience in the circus.
But in the meantime we are selling our house and have moved in to our 30 foot trailer at Cliffside RV park to wait and see what the Navy finally does with us. If I had my way we would run as fast as we can away from this system and base. Oh yea, everyone says the benefits are worth fighting for but I don't agree. The "benefits" are driving us into despair. Despair of ever having a stable life, despair of ever solving the health problems plagueing Pat and despair that our government can do anything right!
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