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Schools gone mad!

Have we gone mad?
I asked my kids tonight if they had ever learned anything about Columbus this month. Only the youngest, a second grader thought he had, and he was remembering about the Mayflower. However, all the kids had learned several things about black or African American stories. It seems the schools are bent on teaching my kids as much black history as possible but have ignored any white history.
My seventh grader is also learning all about Islam and Muslim history and doctrine. His textbook talks about how Islam was begun, and the history of the region. Right now he is doing a project which requires him to search online for information about Mecca and create a travel advertisement for the place. His textbook even has quotes from the Koran.
Now how is it that we are fighting to save "under God" in the pledge of Allegiance, but we are teaching Muslim doctrine and scripture? We are not allowed to pray in school or extracurricular activities, but we can learn Muslim religious poetry? The Christian view of creation is banned and mocked as ignorant while the Muslim account of creation is taught. Schools will not sing Christmas songs that have any mention of Christ, while they are teaching about Ramadan.
Does any of this make any sense? Why are the values that founded this country rejected while the religion used to try to destroy American is taught? Is this a culture gone mad?
While I would like the schools to be more open to teaching about religious traditions of the world, I have found that at the college level at least, they do a very poor job. Certainly, rejecting and mocking one while teaching the other is not constitutional in the least.
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