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Where are we headed?

Some thoughts on where we are headed and what to do.......
Great article and call for signatures on petition to support the Federal Marriage Amendment. They are so close to getting the swing votes, including Harry Reid! They need more signatures from Nevada and several other states. Please get as many others as possible to sign! This is the issue of our times. If marriage is defeated we are going to feel the effects in very personal ways. You can bet that the opposition is fired up and working hard. Will we work as hard?
Here is a good article summarizing the need for the MPA and the states battling this issue.
Another thing to be aware of, in many states initiatives laws, and amendments are underway to combat the homosexual agenda. If these items fail, we will see courts interpreting that failure as carte blanc to legalize homosexual marriages, and homosexual curriculum in our schools. It has already happened in many large cities. How long before it comes to our own schools? How entrenched will the practice become before we become aware of the danger? It is widely known in Washington state that our State Supreme court is waiting for the right moment to legalize gay marriages. Our legislature recently added homosexuals to our list of protected classes. We in Washington have an initiative underway (65 I believe) to repeal this addition. If this fails it will give more power to the Court, and activists who want gay adoption and education.
Just a thought. What do you think?
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