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Billions, Trillions, Quadtrillions, It's Just (your) Money!

I am both sad and outraged. Obama is changing the fabric of this nation. He is taking full advantage of the economic situation and his manipulated popularity. He is spending so much money that nobody can even comprehend the amounts.
He is a liar, and a manipulator. He has consistently said one thing and done another. Even worse he will say one thing and a minute later say the opposite! Even my 13 year old daughter sees that! Americans are throwing away the future with both hands. It is so so so sad!
Meanwhile the stock market tanks, losing half the value of our savings and retirements, universal health care is being plotted, and the banks are being nationalized, the media is still talking about what kind of DOG the President is considering!!!!!!!!!
We are skipping down the road to ruin with a big happy grin... Let's all whistle a tune because we will certainly not be whistling while we work for the government the rest of our lives.



Media Coverage of Prop 8 Issues

I ran across another story about the issue that will not go away- Gay Marriage. Now the media has joined the witch hunt against the LDS church. The story talks about the biased coverage of the LDS church's recent filing of what donations they made to the Yes on 8 effort. This blog was vigilant about keeping comments on track with the issue of media coverage and would not allow snide comments or off topic comments. It made the comments an actual continuation of the discussion, which I found enjoyable. I will be returning to this blog, called Get Religion, in the future. Here's comment I left:

It is sad that we can no longer trust the media coverage on almost any story. From my viewpoint, politicians are trying to impose themselves on my religion. So why is the question or accusation always that I am imposing my religion on someone else. Intimidation of a religion is an attempt to control that religion.
No rights were "taken away" by this vote. Gays have never had the right to marry. They have all the so called "rights" they say are taken away by this vote (actually they are privileges - but that's another issue). This vote was all about a word and the media complicitly went along with (and continues to go along with) the argument that this was all about removing rights.
I wish the media would tell the whole story rather than slogans, misleading sound bites, and comments that obviously leave out facts. I wonder if the MSM are afraid to do that because they do not trust in the rightness of the cause and do not trust that the public would agree with them. It is that insecurity that compels their dishonesty.

I find it so annoying that the opposite sides of issues see mirror images of the issue. Gays feel their constitutional rights are being taken ( a view I cannot understand since I cannot see that in the Constitution- not to mention the states right to regulate such things) while religious people see that intimidation is being used as a tool to remove their Constitutional rights to freedom of religion (which is int he Constitution).
It seems that lately the gap between "sides" is widening and that means that those who are on one side or the other must put strenuous effort into the choice. My guess is that we are being given ample opportunity to make our choices, change our minds and leave no doubt for the judgment day where we chose to stand. For those of us who believe in a Judgement Day we should be careful where we chose to put our efforts. I believe that it will become impossible to sit on the fence before the end comes.


From The End of Heaven- Chris Stewart

"The Epic Conflict of the Last Days Rages On" in this book. Chris Stewart's third book in the Great and Terrible series is another good one. This book is full of thoughtful statements that will challenge your perceptions. Here's the opening:
"New York City, New York
Despite all of its grandeur, beauty, influence and power, it took less than two weeks for the city to die."
From the inside cover:
"The battle of good against evil intensifies in the darkness of an EMP-devastated America."
This book will realistically describe what life in America may be after an EMP attack takes out all electrical functions. Everything from the power grid to watches are dead. For me being our wards Emergency Preparedness Coordinator I was confronted with a whole new perspective of how to prepare. What happens to the people in a large violent city under normal circumstances, when they loose all hope and there is no law enforcement? Anarchy. What will our neighboring countries do? Will they help or take advantage or revenge? What will the secret combinations do?
What will become of our government when a nuclear bomb takes out Washington DC and many layers of our leadership? Who will actually be in control? When TV's don't function, news cannot function, how will the rest of the country know what is happening?
For me this brought up a myriad of questions of how we could be prepared both personally and nationally for a very plausible future EMP attack?
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