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Are we Whiners or Solvers?

By MoMnmb
We need to be involved in political life. We are in control of our laws and policies by electing representatives and making our voices heard. Our founders were wise to allow us the chance to vote for our own leaders. It forced us to be accountable for them. When we vote we become responsible. Our support is desperately needed to make sure politicians stay on the same page as the citizens they represent. Our elected officials and political parties need our participation in order to work effectively. An effective political party will force politicians to respond to the needs of citizens.
Call up the political parties, what ever your persuasion is. Try out a variety until you find a good fit. Leave them a message if you have to. They work at regular jobs too. Be patient. Be helpful. Be pro-active. Take some initiative in making your community what you envision it to be. I have found since becoming active in party politics that far from the popular perception of a bunch of corrupt power-mongers, they are full of sincere people who want to help their communities be successful. They are people who work tirelessly, and often without thanks, on behalf of the whining populace who would rather be an arm-chair quarterback than become involved in solving the problems he complains about. When we have a stake in an issue we can responsibly seek out ways to become more educated and we can then see logical remedies. Do we like complaining more than solving?
We will be electing a new President in 2008. Political parties need help now. Getting involved now will help determine who is running in 2008. It may seem early, but the early bird gets his worm.


What gets people politically motivated?

At our ICRP (Island County Republican Party) meeting tonight a question was asked about what gets people politically motivated. Theories were spoken but basically it comes down to this- when people feel their rights are at stake, they get political. When basic needs are left to dangle in the wind, people get vocal. When they become concerned about a problem, they investigate. I see many issues and ideas that are not addressed. I see the need for good candidates who are committed to serving the public. We must all become involved in politics or nothing will get done. People complain about things all the time, not realizing the power they have to solve the problem. They hold back because they think it ought to be solved by someone else. The "ghost" my kids always blame can not only cause these mysterious problems, but we think he ought to also solve them leaving us free to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Except he is a myth. We are the ghost- creating and solving problems. Maybe we have just become a nation of whiners! Whine, Whine, Whine, but never do! Do we look at our own actions, in the first place, to see if we are part of the problem we are whining about? Do we then see what can be done to help those who are afflicted? Do we reach out to be part of the solutions?I hope we can reach out to others and help solve problems. We will never solve them by continual whining!
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