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LTE RE: adding Homosexuals to listed minorites

My response to a letter in our newspaper after our legislature (thankfully) defeated a bill adding homosexuals to the list of protected minorities. Her letter can be read here.

I was struck by Jane Doe's letter attacking those of us who oppose adding homosexuals to the list of protected minorities. Last year, after researching this bill, I found a number of things that concerned me such as requiring the state to become advocates for these protected groups. This leads to schools becoming advocates for homosexuality such as we saw in a Washington D.C. court recently.
She asserts that homosexuals will be banished from public places, schools, and refused medical services. How does this bills defeat cause this to happen? We are not trying to banish them, refuse services, kill them, beat them or eliminate them in any sinister ways. The fact is we don’t even know who they are unless they make it known. We simply don’t believe that these practices are normal or acceptable.
It’s amazing to see how liberals think that religious people ought to be outcasts, having no input in their own societies. She seems to feel like homosexuals are entitled to more rights than religious people. Once again we see how irrational and intolerant liberals are. She says she is ashamed to live here, where we “advocate discrimination”. How about the discrimination she displays? She wants religious people to shut up when it comes to public policy. We work, pay taxes, and bleed too. Yet we are attacked and dismissed as simply “religious fanatics” trying to “exert influence over government decisions.” Last time I checked, religious beliefs were not a reason to deny these rights she clams for herself.
Over and over we find that those who hate religion are never concerned with their fellowman, only their special interests. Her fantastic assertions show her for the fanatic she is. She is certainly no “sensible majority”.
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