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The Mom Hobby

The Mom Hobby
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Have you ever met one of these women who say (as they are big with another child) "I'm just not the type of women who can stay home all day with kids!" Did you ever want to ask them why they have them if they can't stand them? Is it just a hobby, a novelty, or a check on the life to-do-list? When did it become drudgery to be unemployed and have a man support you, as you cared for the home and kids? After 12 years of being a "stay at home" mom I view employment as slavery and daycare as cattle-herding. My wonderful husband has worked a slave driving pace to let me do it too. Yes, I went without my own car for many years, but when we needed to have that second car we got it, and I was never home for long after that. Women have become so deceived that they think having their lives dictated by an employer is freedom! Amazing!I freely admit that leaving my kids in someone else's hands would have been far easier than trying to do it all myself- if you don't count my conscience, or the fact that I would have unconnected teenagers to try to control later. Those early years, when they needed to make bonds with their mother and father were not disposable to me. Now we have bonded, and I make every effort to keep that bond as they get older and begin to try their wings.
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