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In Defense of Families

In defense of our families, our religious liberty and our freedom of speech we must rally to the defense of marriage. Our civilization was founded on families. In learning about the history of our land, I have learned that those places where families were not the central organization the society did not flourish.
Families are necessary for many reasons. Every credible study has shown that human beings flourish in a traditional family. Traditional families are the natural desire of all people. We all want to have a good and noble mother and father. We all want to have sisters and brothers. This is our nature. This is the desires God placed in us.
If we reject traditional marriage we devalue the role that father and mother play. I do not agree with the notion that woman's place is at work. I believe women need and want to be running their home and raising their families. Children need mothers, not strangers trained in child development. The best tool to care for children is the natural bond of family.
There is group dedicated to defending families with information, and love. It’s called Family Leader Network. There is not ignorance and rancor here. We all need to put our natural feelings into words. The times demand that we can defend what we know is right.
I hope you will all check it out and join the fight. All hands, hearts and minds are needed!
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