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Mud Puddle Theory

I have a theory about people. Some people are in a mud puddles. They sit in it and pile the mud on their heads and whine and moan about their pitiful condition. They splash around, spread around and sometimes even scream about it in their efforts to get an audience. When they attract the attention of someone who wants to help, they beg to be pulled from the mud puddle. They say they can’t do it themselves, that situations are holding them back, and they need someone to do it for them. The compassionate person reaches out to help them get up and leave the puddle.
But wait! Maybe they don’t really want out of the puddle. What in the world would they do if they they’re clean and had no more mud to whine about? So they never reach out their own hand to take the hand offered, preferring to sit and whine and splash in the familiar mud rather than deal with the life they desperately covet but avoiding the freedom and responsibility they fear.
Look around you and see if you see anyone who is in a mud puddle.....
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