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Tag I'm IT!

Ok I'm it. Angela tagged me! So now I'm supposed to share six random things about me. Hmmmm.

1. I thought I would never leave Idaho Falls and look at me now. I've moved 15 times in 15 years of marriage!

2. I fall asleep when I read non-fiction. I can read fiction all night long (although not too many nights in a row!)

3. I played the violin for a few months in my youth. I hated it...

4. My daughter is beautiful and smart. Sometimes I just can't believe we made her!

5. My boys are so smart! Where did that come from?

6. I want to be like my parents.

Ok, Now I have to tag someone else, I think.


Where Does Doctrine Come From Again?

I read an article in a San Diego paper that listed the stand on homosexual marriage of various main churches. What was interesting was the comments by more than one church that the court ruling had genuinely confused them or created hardship for their standards. One even mentioned that since the state says the ceremonies are ok, that now was a quandary for them. One female Methodist Bishop says:
“Our Book of Discipline says that United Methodist pastors are not allowed to perform the wedding ceremony, and yet the court says, 'Yes, these ceremonies can happen,' ”

I suppose when you ignore scriptures that say that women are not to lead in the churches then it would be a quandry when another obvious and blantant doctrine is challenged.
Another says this:
Presbyterian Church (USA): The equivalent of its supreme court recently reversed a censure of a pastor, saying the same-sex ceremonies she conducted were not technically marriages. The Rev. Clark Cowden, executive presbyter of the San Diego region, admits the ruling was confusing. “The bottom line of what they were saying is that, by definition, a marriage can only be between a man and a woman, and if you do a ceremony for two people of the same sex, you can't call it a marriage,” he said. “It has to be called something else.”

Call it something else? How aout a sin?
Even three out of the four tyes of Judaism will not oppose gay marriages.
Of the four branches of Judaism, Reform and Reconstructionist movements are the most accepting of same-sex marriages. Rabbi Lawson, of Emanu-El, said he uses the same criteria for both straight and gay couples: They need to be Jewish and go through prenuptial counseling. Rabbi Michael Berk of Congregation Beth Israel, another local Reform congregation, also conducts ceremonies for interfaith couples. The Conservative movement allows rabbis to do same-gender commitment ceremonies, but they aren't technically marriages, according to Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal of Tifereth Israel in San Carlos. Rosenthal said if same-gender marriage licenses are issued, he would have the couple get a civil marriage and then come to him for a religious commitment ceremony. Orthodox Judaism opposes same-sex marriages.

So as long as they get counseling they are accceptable to God? Huh?
I have only one question for these churches.
When did state or federal courts begin to decide your doctrine? I thought doctrine came from God.
What more obvious evidence do we need of having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof? I am sad that there are so many confused people out there. They have nowhere to look for guidance except peer pressure or group pressure. They seem to be unconcerned about how God sees them. The are like waves in the sea tossed to and fro.
What is the point of a church that does not uphold the most obvious and blantant standards in the Scriptures. There is no place in the scriptures that these churches can point to that says that homosexual practices are acceptable and as one leader offensively asserted "in God's image". In fact the Scriptures strongly condemn this practice in no uncertain words. It is a testimony to me of how we lose clarity of mind when we try to pick and choose which commandments we will obey.
How grateful I am for our Prophet! I am reminded of the last verse in "Follow The Prophet"
Now we have a world were people are confused
If you don't believe it go and watch the news
We can get direction all along the way
If we heed the Prophet- listen and obey!

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