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Emergency prep

Our leaders are asking us to be more prepared. It's not food storage and 72 hour kits. The threats are far worse. The threats are spiritual. They threaten our families. Do you know anyone who has had their family ripped into pieces by the adversary? Or rather do you know anyone who has not had this happen to a family they are part of whether siblings cousins or children? I know several. My heart aches for the children who suffer the most for the choices made by others.
Our leaders have warned us. The scriptures warn us. Tough times are here. We see it on the news regularly. Calamities are accelerating. Can our children trust us to be in tune with the Holy Ghost? Do we have the kind of relationship with them that will draw them near when Satan strikes their weak spots? Here is a great quote I found on LDS HA's newsletter:
"The Lord fixed families to give parents more influence on children than all other agencies combined. There is safety in this arrangement. It provides parents the privilege, the awesome privilege, of molding the life and character of a child, even though outside agencies have influence... "We have been counseled to become self-reliant and independent temporally. It is as important spiritually! Suppose conditions changed. Suppose you could not receive all the services to which you have become accustomed. Suppose that much more responsibility were placed on your shoulders to care for the spiritual welfare of your family. Surely you cannot study the scriptures without knowing that perilous times are coming. Will you be unaffected? "Prepare now! Take steps now to strengthen your family. Spend time together. Establish and maintain family traditions that build happy memories. Maintain a discipline with fair rules and regulations. Express unconditional love to one another through word and act. Develop within each one self-esteem and self- respect by loving and believing in him and having him belong. Provide security that children need. These are the values of which life is made. Establish these, and then we won't need to worry about the frills." (A. Theodore Tuttle, Ensign, November 1979, 27-28).
Are we spending all our time on frills and neglecting the basics? I know I am guilty. What are the basics? I think they are both personal and family prayers, scripture study, and Family Home evenings. Read the proclamation and we see that families are based on principles of "faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities." I have not yet taken the time to evaluate my own life to see if I am incorporating these things in my family life. But I will be doing just that this week.
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