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Good Idea's Not Ready for Publishing

I bought the book “America In Danger” by Stephen Studdert. Before I got through the first 50 pages, I was ready to throw the book at the wall. It was riddled with grammatical errors and nonsense sentences. The author repeated himself over and over. He was disorganized, lacked credibility, and worse gave opinion without adequate explanation. I have to say if this is the caliber of writing of our high government officials we are toast. I think he has a good idea for a book, but someone should have told him it wasn’t ready to be published.

Unfortunately, this is not the first book written and published by LDS authors and little known publishers that has had this problem. I have now wasted almost $100 on these books. They were good ideas, but not ready to publish. I will be paying more attention to the books I buy from now on, seeing now that this isn’t just a fluke. I have continued to plod through this book writing my comments and corrections as I go. I plan on sending it back to the author with these comments. This publisher ought to be ashamed to sell this book. I want my money back!
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