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Why Republican's Should Never Trust Their Candidates

Did you trust George Bush? I did. Notice the past tense. After his handout of Prescription Drugs I got past that. I am a loyal Republican because I believe in the ideals of the Party. But it seems more and more that the candidates from the GOP don't believe them. Sure they spout them in election years, but the proof is in the pudding right?
I settled on Mitt Romney about a month before he "suspended" his campaign. I might have trusted him because he shares my faith, and that strongly, I believe. But not enough to give him free reign. Not enough to turn off my brain and sit back and never pay attention again. I'll never do that again. That went out the door when Clinton was elected. I've been paying attention since then.
I srongly dislike John McCain. Mostly because of campaign finance reform. I beleive it was unecessary and Unconstitutional. Rather than cleaning up with new laws we should have cleaned up with new politicians. It was a demonstration of Ben Franklin's wisdom regarding a moral people upholding freedom while an immoral people require bondage.
I do not trust McCain. But it looks like he will get the nomination and I will reluctantly and with a clothespin in my nose vote for him (maybe- not sure yet). But I will never trust another politician. And I believe that is as it should be. Power corrupts remember? Good people make mistakes. They should never feel like they have a blank check of trust from their consituents.I grid like lock!
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