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I'm taking back my recommendation to read "America In Danger" by Stephen Studdert. I haven't even read the first 50 pages and I'm ready to pull my hair out! Unfortunately this is not the first time I’ve bought a book with a compelling title and subject, only to find that the author neglected to use a proofreader, or even take a writing class! I am beginning to wonder if the author really did work for the government like he claims. If he had such high positions and couldn’t even proofread and write a tight paragraph, we really are in trouble. He repeats almost word for word his claims and vague assertions over and over without ever giving any details. This book is disorganized, repetitious, opinion without any support, low credibility, and odd facts from all over the place. This is the third book I’ve bought and found to be atrociously written. The crazy thing is that these books were good and valuable ideas. The publishers probably didn’t even read the manuscript. How could they print and sell such poorly created books? The days where you could trust a book at the bookstore to be at least proofread are over. Self publishing has created published authors who aren’t ready to be published. The publishers should have turned them down and referred them to a ghostwriter or editor. .
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