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Why Do Homosexuals Hate Diversity?

Why do homosexuals hate diversity? I thought we were striving for diversity in America? Homosexuals by definition exclude on a gender basis in their love relationships. It is rumored that they even may hate the opposite sex. So they are all bigots according to the modern definition. There is no equal opportunity in their highly monogamous love lives. Those who are fighting for redefining marriage to mean any two people who feel like having sex, they are discouraging the progress of women who have traditionally had power in society by subjugating a male. By excluding half the population from their marriage opportunities they are dismantling millennia of diverse marriages between the two types of humankind.
We cannot let them win! Stand for diversity! Stand for empowering women through traditional marriages! We must condemn this narrow minded movement in America. After all our diversity is what makes us strong, right......?
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