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Steps of Revelation

(1 Nephi 11) After Nephi heard his father tell his family about his vision of the tree of life, Nephi believed. This is the first step. Then he prayed and asked to see the vision himself. He acted on that belief. That is faith. The payoff was his own personal revelation. He saw not only the vision but was given an explanation of the vision and visions of his posterity, American History and the Last Days. Nephi progressed from hearing to believing, to motivating faith, to a vision. That's the process of personal revelation.
It doesn't have to be so dramatic, but it can be just as powerful as a vision when you feel the Spirit testify of truth to you. It is a life altering experience and we must be ready for it or God won't burden us with it. If he did he would be condemning us, because God makes us accountable for our knowledge.
What a wonderful plan God has given us. We aren't expected to be perfect. How freeing that is to the perfectionist in me. He will teach me line upon line and I will be nourished along until I am ready. Perfection simply is not be expected of me yet.
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