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The Libertarian Candidate

So I read this guys statement on where he stands and this quote about sums it up:
"I will end the Nanny State. I will give personal responsibility back to the American people. The decisions on how to live your lives are yours. The decision on vaccinations for your children is yours. The decision on what to eat is yours. The decision on what to watch on your computer or television is yours. The decision to own a gun is yours. The decision to smoke or drink or gamble is yours. The decision to wear a helmet on a motorcycle is yours- as long as you accept personal responsibility. The job of government is not to protect you from yourself. Or to prosecute victimless crimes. Big Brother will no longer be open for business under my watch."
--Wayne Allyn Root

I can agree with him on most of it - more than I agree with or trust McCain anyway- and those things I think he's a little too far out there on are better than where we are headed now anyway! He may have my vote.....
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