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FHE fun

Family Night went well. Besides the goofy- excited- happy- kid questions that had NOTHING to do with the lesson, (or maybe because if it) we had a good time and I am pretending that my kids now understand the Fall. Of course I know they will have blank moments about what it is in the future, but for a moment, they knew. Whew! FHE is difficult. But I am so blessed to have good happy kids that don't fight me on it. I remember FHE when I was growing up, well I vaguely remember it. We complained so much! It just really interfered with our personal plans for the evening. Anyway, I am really liking this Family Home evening thing. Its fun to be with my kids. It forces me to drop my serious MOM attitude. I haven't had this much fun while at the same time wanting to strangle my kids, for a long time! We had chocolate muffins and played Pit too! YEAH!
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