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Inconvenient Book

I finally got the book. I’ve had it on hold for over a month waiting my turn. I love this book. I’m halfway through it and I find myself laughing to tears in every chapter. Not because someone is being made fun of, but because it’s so true! Rush says all humor must have truth or it isn’t funny and this book is funny!  But be advised, he writes some of the chapters mostly to men. Blind dating, Marriage advice, body image are all from the man’s perspective and loaded with good funny truthful advice for men. For me, those were the funniest chapters. Glenn Beck’s style says “I’m a regular American guy, but I’m honest about what I am really thinking.” He bares himself in these chapter with comment about his own typical male thought patterns, wondering if men have magnets and women have iron plates in certain places, but also reveals that he controls himself and knows these thoughts are inappropriate even as he struggles with himself. It’s so refreshing. He isn’t like “Larry the cable guy”. I can’t stand that guy, he’s crass, crude, ugly inside and out, and makes my skin crawl. But Glenn lets you know that he is aware and working on his thoughts and tendencies. He’s no saint but he’s a lot closer than Larry.

I love the sidebar ADD moments. They are actually the best thoughts in the book. Glenn’s ability to say what we are all thinking and doing is amazingly refreshing. And his use of humor is so good. He finds the craziest examples that you sometimes wonder if he is joking when he uses real examples.

What I really like the most about him though is his comments about divisions in America. He’s right. We have to stop dividing ourselves into groups. It gives people power over us when they can pigeonhole us into groups and then pit us against each other like a twisted group version of cock fighting.

My daughter is telling me I have to finish it tonight because she needs something to read at school tomorrow! Gotta go finish the book!

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