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iTunes ectasy!

Every time I have access to an iTunes card, I distract myself from all reality and get lost in good music. I LOVE my iPod, because I LOVE iTunes. (I’d love it more if I could put the music I buy there on my kid’s mp3 players!)  I got my daughter a card for Christmas and she decided to use it today to buy Katherine McPhee songs. But we couldn’t get the songs onto her player, until we burned them to CD and ripped them to Media Player. Don’t waste your time trying to find another way to do it. This is the only way. Anyway, I like the songs too so I bought the card from her and proceeded to spend the rest of the card. I bought the Best of Andrea Bocelli. Man he gives me goosebumps when he sings! Then I found Carrie Underwood. I got her song Wasted, and then I discovered a gem. Her video for So Small is available. WOW what a powerful message. The song is great, but that girl knows how to make a video. It takes the message of the song and magnifies in infinitely! So after watching it several times, I felt like I could leave it for a few minutes to listen to the Andrea Bocelli. I could lose so much time on ITunes. I have begun to avoid it since I get so lost to reality!

Time to make the return trip now! (Except…..I can fall asleep listening to my iPod tonight!) J



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