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Hot Fudge in the Book of Mormon

Since our 5th Sunday lesson on using I have been trying to do more reading and exploring on the website. I have found it especially useful for planning FHE lessons. In fact, I usually have so much material that I cannot narrow things down! This week I am preparing to teach about agency. There is a portion of the site called Gospel Topics that enables you to search topically and lists relevant scriptures, talks, and lessons from other publications on the topics. It’s awesome!  There are so many good talks.

Under scripture references for Agency, 2 Nephi chapter 2 is listed in whole. This chapter opens the Plan of Salvation to us plainly. It is one of the most profound chapters in the Book of Mormon. It covers, the Fall, Atonement, Agency, Law, and many other topics, tying them all together to explain the nature of God and his wonderful Plan for his children. If we could only have one chapter from the Book of Mormon this would be my pick. It is like the hot fudge a banana split. The whole desert is great but that hot fudge- you just can’t beat it! 2Nephi 2 is like the hot fudge of the Book of Mormon!


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