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The Fall

I was taught by a wonderful man in Fallon, Nevada about the doctrine of the Fall. It opended my eyes and I finally understood the dynamics and the reason we had to have a Fall. I am going to teach my kids about the Fall for Family Home Evening this week. I found a good lesson in the Gospel Doctrine manual at I love using since all the scriptures are linked and I can go off on tangents, searching for things that enter my mind while reading. It's such a tailored experience to study there. I re-created this chart, used by President Wadsworth who taught me so beautifully.
He taught that only through the Atonement of Christ could we change all the symbols to a positive + in each column. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were given four goals.First, they had been given a physical body so that was +. Second they were in the Presence of God so that was a +. But they were not able to have children, the third goal, or learn anything about good and evil, the fouth, until they fell. But by the Fall they were made subject to death, and lost the presence of God turning all their positives into negatives. Only through the Atonement could they keep the positives of being able to have children, and retain their knowledge while also entering the presence of God and conquering death accomplishing all four goals.
President Wadsworth taught powerfully that we must understand the Fall in order to appreciate the Atonement of Christ. I will be forever grateful for his patience with me. He was like an angel to me at that time in my life. I needed to have his teachings, and they were like chocolate to me- delicious! I hope this will be useful to you and your family too.
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