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Textbooks are NOT Good Reading

The purpose of a textbook is to fill your mind with information that you don't already have any clue about. That is a dangerous power we give to an author. I have yet to find a really good textbook that did not include a bias.
My current textbook Judicial Process: Law, Courts and Politics in the United States is full of a bias against drug courts and the War on Drugs in general. I see my classmates falling for this too.
I wish schools would teach logic. But they won't because then it would be more difficult to mold young skulls full of mush into good little liberals.
A far better way to learn is to read good books by authors who have experiences to tell about. Biographies are great ways to teach us. This way we are learning from the experiences of real people and there is no authoritativeness about the author on the whole subject. We are left to investigate important thoughts further, and we are encouraged to read more form other authors who may have a different angle or experience. We can also add our own experiences into the mix. The best way to learn is not to pour the facts into our brains via some authoritative textbook, but rather to watch, evaluate and think about reality. This is real learning that sticks with you and allows you to ruminate for a long time. It is a living education, meaning that it continues as you have more and more experiences to add to your evidence.
This is easier for adults, but kids can do it too, if we will teach them how to think, rather than just sit and absorb a list of facts from a teacher or text. All a college degree really means is that we have been properly indoctrinated.
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