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Sunday School Lesson

In our SS lesson we were looking at the short books that make up the end of the small plates of Nephi. Mormon puts a little blurb in about how he discovered these plates after abridging the other large plates up to the time of King Benjamin.
First: The small plates end with the mention of King Benjamin. What a sign that this was God's will for Mormon.
Second: This is a sign that the Lord was working on a far longer time line than we usually see. Martin Harris lost the pages from Mormon's abridgement of the large plates for the exact same time period.
Third: What great faith and obedience Mormon had to include the small plates when he had already worked so hard to abridge the large plates for the exact same period. He tells us he does not know why he is being prompted to include both of these records.
Our teacher pointed out this little gem towards the end of her lesson, and to me it was the most powerful part of the lesson. I usually can't remember the SS lesson because the RS lesson crowds it out, but this has really stuck with me.
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