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Texas Polygamy

Apparently the government is into the business of monitoring prayers now. This article exposes a Texas judge who wanted the prayers of the children they ripped from their mothers to be monitored. She proposed having the LDS church monitor them. Appropriately, the church declined (officially they were never asked). Here is my response.
1- This judge has NO RIGHT to monitor, regulate or threaten any ones prayers or the communication between a mother and her children. I mean really what are they going to be saying "have sex with old men"??? Give me a break!
2. LDS do not "lead prayers". We believe that all people have access to God and should pray what is in their hearts.
3. DNA proves nothing here. They should be proving rape and multiple marriages, not whose parents are whose. How many children in America are born to fathers with multiple women? Waste of resources by the police and DA.
4. Taking these children wholesale from their mothers is so wrong. Prove something or arrest them, but there is no justification for taking these children because authorities don't like the religious beliefs of the parents.
5. We used to be a system of laws not media trials.
I abhor polygamy but I also abhor abuse of power.

I am very upset at the fact that these children have been taken from their mothers and are now being sent to homes around the state. For what? What have these mothers done? What have these children done? The state needs to focus on prosecuting crimes that were committed not separating parents and children. How can this country possibly sit on its moral high horse and say because they lived in this religious ranch and practiced a form of marriage that is practiced without the legalities by much of the philandering population of this nation that these children must be ripped from their loving mothers. The only basis for this action is that the state fears that there will be more underage marriages. Let them prove that they are happening and prosecute those who are responsible and quit trying to shut down a religion. This does not bode well for other religions in the future.
Everyone knows that the reason for legally banning polygamy was to stop the church in the 1800's. Today we are desperately trying to stop the perversion of marriages. How many men today have children with multiple women? Do we take the children from them for this? Perhaps we should according to Texas logic.
How long will it take for churches who will not perform gay marriages to be shut down because they are persecuting gays? I do not agree with this church but I will defend their rights to worship how their consciences dictate.
The state needs to clarify what it is dealing with here. Are they prosecuting polygamy or underage marriages? Or are they trying to break up a whole religion?
My thoughts are still a bit scattered on this right now. But I have a deep feeling that this action of taking children from mothers is very very wrong. Probably because I worry that the courts may decide they don't like my religion and take my children as a result.
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