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The Official Paranoia Trap

I spent all morning reading news and watching video of the women in Texas who have had their children taken from them. These women are in a trap.
There are three video's that show three women (six total) at the Texas ranch being interviewed. They are pleasant, respectful, quiet, and somewhat shy. They told about the police coming and taking their children away. One woman talked tearfully about her handicapped son, almost 5 years old, who the police would not let her take care of or stay with. The boy was just learning to talk. The stories were heartbreaking.
But what is so apparent after this mornings reading and watching is that these women are trapped. The news articles all make charges that are not substantiated. The phone call that prompted the raid on this home has been exposed to be from Colorado (she claimed to be at the ranch in the call) and from a girl no one can find or even say who she is. The man she names is not know on this ranch, another man with that name who is a sex offender has not been in Texas for decades. This phone call is looking like a hoax and possibly a malicious one that the police were only too eager to act on.
Another thing that is disturbing is that over 400 children have been ripped from their homes and parents on nothing more than rumor and official paranoia. The authorities "think" something might be taught in this religion. They "feel" like there is coercion going on. The worst thing is that all the residents, women and children who are denying this are only feeding that paranoia. They are talking and acting like the mere fact that they can't get a confession or accusation is proof that abuse is happening. They are acting on pure suspicion and paranoia with NO facts to prove that there is any danger for these families. I have not been able to find ONE news story that says there is a single piece of evidence for this action -except that one phone call. (Which they now pretty much know was a prank).
In fact the story about the ominous "bed" in the temple where underage girls are "forced" to consummate marriages is based on paranoia. Turns out it is a place for leaders to nap during long temple sessions! Are there any "beds" or (oh no!) "couches" in our temples? This is the perfect illustration of the way things are distorted in the media. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? We hear the media say "alleged" all the time, but what I am beginning to suspect is that ALL their so called facts are "alleged" they just sometimes use that word but mostly don't.
The judge hearing these arguments regarding the children should be ashamed of herself. She should throw these cases out yesterday. The only thing that can be produced to argue for removing these children is some officials and "court expert's" paranoia about a religion and its teachings.
Officials are worrying that young girls (read 12 and over) are not being given a "choice" to leave the ranch. Last time I checked underage girls were not protected from going to their parents churches. Nor were they required to be "protected" from religious teachings that officials disagreed with. They are also not allowed to "choose" their residence.
From what I can tell from the interviews I watched and articles I read, these women are not having wild orgies at this ranch, they are teaching their children to be good citizens, they are clean, neat and happy. And they are there voluntarily.
The horrible irony is that their children are being taken from them by a society which hands out condoms to kids, teaches kids in school about how to have sex, allows computer simulated child pornography, tolerates lingerie and half naked commercials and ads in public places, and refuses to condemn minors having sex, raising babies, and running around public places half (or more) naked. The list could go on and on and on. This irony was so thick during the interviews that I wanted to scream at someone to point it out!
Who the hell are we to tell this group that they are losing their children because we "worry" that they will marry underage girls?
Will we remove all the kids from a Catholic parish when a priest is accused of molesting kids? How about the possibility of removing kids in a ward whose Bishop is deemed (or suspected of being) abusive? What about the rumors running rampant about what we do in our temples? I'm so disgusted at the abuse of families by our arrogant authorities that I am willing to say they should not have ANY more power to remove children from ANY homes. I am beginning to believe that far more children are harmed than helped by this power.
And I am starting to see how easy it would be to be in these women's shoes...This is so wrong.

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