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Extreme Self Reliance?

I want to raise chickens. I don't know why really. I want to gather eggs. We don't really eat that many eggs. For a while I couldn't eat any. But since we have moved onto this half acre I have thought I needed to raise chickens.
When I was about eight-ish my family went to my Grandpa's house and watched him butcher a few chickens. I vividly remember the chickens flapping around headless. I think my mom and her sister picked the feathers off. I don't want to do that ~ that's what butchers are for. I just want eggs. Maybe I'm being to extreme?
I called my city and asked if I was allowed to have chickens. They said I could have 20 chickens! Now we are looking for plans for a chicken tractors, that's a mobile chicken coop, deciding where to put them and how to take care of them. I am fantasizing about an abundance of eggs, and watching my chickens do whatever chickens do all day.
All because I want chickens. But I don't know why....
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