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Love of Home School

Through writing about home schooling topics on BrightHub, I have rekindled the flame for home schooling. I've written about history, online classes, composition and literature programs, and AP courses. All the research into programs leaves me with the nagging feeling that there is a better option than public school out there. It nags at me because it didn't work out for us, but it also makes me feel good that so many families are succeeding. I believe those kids will do great things someday.
I listened to a podcast by one of my favorite curricula writers Andrew Pudewa about the Parental Rights movement and committed to supporting that effort. I renewed my love for Teaching the Classics, a literary analysis curriculum from Adam Andrew fanning my book-loving flames as well. And I learned that my ambitious daughter could do so much better if a little less worried about a government sanctioned high school diploma.
So, I work with what I have and right now I am having a ball writing about my passion for homeschool and good curriculum. At first I was concerned about running out of things to say and whether I was getting enough money for my limited supply of thoughts. But when I told my friend and my husband about this concern, they both let out a loud laugh. Then I realized I would never run out of words! My husband used to tease me that he only allotted me a certain number of words a year and when I was out he or I had to stop talking. (He stopped but I didn't) Over the years that pilot program was ruled ridiculous when I refused to comply. I literally cannot restrain myself sometimes, although I do try to use proper tact. I don't think I have a quota for writing articles either. I've even had an idea for a book!
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