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A Few Nifty Potluck Ideas: Time for a Party!

A potluck is the oldest type of party. Anyone interested in having a party but doesn't have money to spend just needs to announce a potluck. Mormons are especially known for having potlucks. Here are some yummy and fun potluck ideas!

Crockpot Potluck Ideas
God bless the inventor of the crockpot! It is the perfect appliance for a potluck loving family. So many dishes can be made in a crockpot. Have all your friends bring their favorite dish in their crockpot and pass around the recipes! What could be better than having a taste test of a recipe before going to the trouble and expense of preparing it first?

Ideas for Potluck Dinners
If it's dinner your arranging try assigning different parts of the meal to each guest. One could bring a salad, another the rolls, another some baked potatoes. Choose monthly potluck ideas and farm out the different elements of the meal. Pass a sign up sheet around your group with each element of the meal listed. If you know the guests well enough to know what they make well they will feel flattered if you ask them to bring the dish they make the best. Potluck dinner ideas could even be themed around a certain ingredient or color.

Low Calorie Potluck Ideas
After the New Year everyone is looking for low calorie foods. How about a potluck spotlighting low calorie foods like salsa, sugar free desserts or a high fiber homemade bread? Find a good cookbook such as Weight Watchers recipes, or South Beach recipes, and have everyone bring something to try from the book.

Ideas For Potluck Themes

Holidays provide the perfect theme for potluck parties. You could also spotlight a specific culture or have everyone bring a heritage dish. Have everyone try a different cooking method like a waffle iron (but not traditional waffles) or a dutch oven dish. That would certainly provide some conversation starters! How about spotlighting what is currently being harvested locally, or the hottest sale item from your grocery store?
Choose a dish like freezer jam, lasagna or chili and have a contest to vote the best one?

Whatever you decide to do, having regular potlucks allows friends to get together, talk and of course exchange tested recipes! You will certainly have no trouble coming up with more easy potluck ideas!

I think I'll throw a party now! Potluck anyone?
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