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Why Everyone Needs Massage Therapy

Hot massage stones
If you are one of the people who thinks that massage therapy is for divas, think again! Massage therapy is amazingly therapeutic for many ailments. Some of the benefits of massage therapy include treating chronic pain conditions, auto accidents, L&I accidents, and in tandem with chiropractic care.
Massage therapy is the treatment of muscles and soft tissues that are causing pain. These muscles often tighten up causing or inflaming chronic conditions. Fibromyalgia and massage therapy go together well. Find a good massage therapist who can explain the benefits to you if you suffer from this painful condition.
There are many different kinds of massage therapies to choose from and a good practitioner will know which one you can benefit from. Deep tissue massage means that the therapist will treat muscles and soft tissues that are deep in the layers of the body. This doesn't always feel nice, but if you communicate with your therapist you will find that your painful spots can be made to stop hurting by manipulating your limbs or head to a position of less pain and forcing the muscle to relax. I love the feeling of the muscle relaxing under experienced fingers. The pain melts away like butter. Delicious.
I didn't think I needed a massage because I didn't know what a massage could do. I don't have any chronic conditions and I (thought) I was fairly relaxed. What I found was that I carry a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders. When I started working out again and my knee began to bother me, Rhonda Paredes was able to fix it lickety split! It has not bothered me since she did her magic a year ago. I have now become aware of when I carry a load of stress because I know how to feel it now, and what to do about it. It has been an invaluable tool in trying to read the messages my body is sending me.
Since I have a dear friend who is a massage therapist, we went to her after my husband was in a rear-end car accident. My husband thought chiropractors were quacks but decided to try one the day of the accident. He was open about doing massage in tandem with Dr. Child's treatment. He found that getting a massage before going to the chiropractor made his adjustments easier and last longer. The relaxed state of the muscles and the reduced inflammation helped the chiropractor made the needed adjustments to his back and neck, ribs, and (my new favorite word) his occiput (skull).
She was able to make significant reductions in his pain. One of the methods she used was called fire cupping. She has glass globes that she heated up and placed on the back of his shoulder. The cooling created suction and the suction broke the adhesions that were causing him pain.
Today I was a happy guinea pig when she used the hot rocks on me. Oh. Yummy.
Be prepared for a massage by being well hydrated and have some ibuprofen for the soreness that may come after a massage. It feels like mild soreness after a productive workout at the gym. If you are properly hydrated though you may avoid this. Look for massage therapist that is strong and can push hard. If you find one that thinks you are a diva who just wants an oil bath go elsewhere because you will not see the benefits of massage therapy there. Another important quality is finding a good communicator. Listening to your reactions and asking for your input is vital to getting a good result from your massage therapy.
I am a convert! And so is my husband!

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