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Those poor illegal immigrants who are just trying to feed their families.....

Yea right.... Read this article and see what one of these poor harmless illegals did and how it effected a hardworking red blooded American. You know it is happening millions of times- once for every hardworking illegal they tell us about. It has to be or they wouldn't be able to work here. It might be happening to you, but your government doesn't want you to know that.
This kind of thing is an outrage and Congress and the White House had better realize it soon. Of course John McCain will only say this is justification for a guest worker program so that these poor illegals don't have to use our social security numbers. VOMIT!
He wants to keep the 500 billion dollars that are anonymously coming into the social security system so it doesn't fail on his watch. Apparently that money doesn't go to the real owner of the social security number, it gets vaporized somewhere in the US budget because the names don't match. It's a typical government shell game! I've written to my Congressman (Doc Hastings) and asked him what he intendeds or has done to solve this enormous problem in America.
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