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The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

This book is great! Mr deBecker knows his stuff and well he should. Growing up in a violent home, he learned very young how to handle violence. He is in the business of handling risk and his biggest ally is fear. He tells us to trust our senses to tell us when something is wrong and he uses many examples to show us what he means. Using examples of extreme crimes without the gruesome details he shows us how criminals work, how to have appropriate and helpful reactions to our modern society, and explodes the myth that violence is unpredictable and random. There is alot of useful wisdom here. I plan to educate my family with this book. He mentions other good books throughout his writing, and thankfully he has a list of recommended reading in the back, because I didn't want to stop reading to write all the titles down! I also read a small book that was new in our library called What Teens and Parents Need to Know About Sex Offenders by Bobbie G. Hopes, PhD which was timely to read with Mr deBecker's book. It can be a scary world out there if you don't understand that God gave us intuitive protective functions to help us protect ourselves, and best of all he gave us the Holy Ghost to warn us. This book shows us how fear properly respected and heeded can be a great gift.
Recommended reading from Gavin De Becker:
Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman
Fatherless America by David Blankenhorn
It Takes a Village by Hillary Clinton
Whoever Fights Monsters by Robert Ressler
Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher
Trust Your Instincts (Video)

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