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I'm Boycotting Organic and My Lazy Toilet

Have you noticed the increase in products claiming to be "organic" and the corresponding higher price of those items? This going green craze is out of control. Do they think we are really that dumb?
Have you heard about a "lazy toilet?" Well a lazy toilet is simply a toilet that was installed between 1994 and 1999. That's the only criteria. Do you have a lazy toilet? Is this perfectly ridiculous or what? Marketers are going to new heights of silly to get us to buy new things. Now simply because your toilet was installed in a five year period (what about toilets installed in 1993?) it's destroying the earth a gobbling up your drinking supply. Oh no! We will all die of thirst from our lazy toilets!
And then, you know all your products and food must be organic or you will be poisoned by horrid chemicals (that have been all around us for many years by the way). The new Lowe's catalog came to our house yesterday. I usually drool over this catalog and all the beautiful scenes I wish I could create. But this time I was rolling my eyes by the time I got through it. It seems like the only persuasion they know is that we need to save the Earth. I don't have time to count how many products were labeled "organic" but it was way too much. Make sure your meat is free range, and your sheets are made of non chemical using organic cotton. The other buzz word was natural. But if we went natural Lowe's would be out of business. So its a bit funny to see them peddling natural scenes. And then there is the scare about chemicals in your carpets and paint.
Its getting to be too much. I don't need any additional guilt about what products I'm buying. I'm tired of all the PC nonsense. I don't care how the cotton in my sheets and pillows grew. I just care that my sheets and pillows don't fall apart too quickly. I don't expect my paint to stop smelling and I don't care if my toilet is lazy! I don't believe that we are destroying the earth. And I don't need the PC induced complication to my life or the organic scam that charges me more to assuage my earth-destroying guilt. I don't care if my jam is from chemical free fruit. I don't care if my beef is free range or in a pen (nor my milk either!).
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