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What Liberals Really Think...

Don Feder gives a great illustration of the "two America's" that exist in America and the diffeence between what Liberals think and what Conservatives think. We need to study this list and be prepared to face its truth when we see it so we do not join it.
The left’s disdain for ordinary Americans colors its entire agenda. Because we’re too stupid to know how to spend our income, taxes should be confiscatory. Since we’re too improvident to plan for our retirement, Social Security must remain sacrosanct.

Because we’ll pass our bigotry on to the next generation, government needs to indoctrinate our children – with multiculturalism, skepticism and an appreciation for alternative lifestyles.

Due to our violent nature, we can’t be trusted with guns. So government should make it progressively harder for citizens to own them.

Because we won’t vote responsibly (for “progressive” politicians), increasingly, political power should be vested in the courts, which are insulated from the will of the people.

We are two nations divided by a cultural/ideological chasm the width of the Grand Canyon. One resides in San Francisco, Grosse Pointe, Manhattan’s Upper East Side and Chevy Chase. The other lives in towns two hours off the Interstate.

One thinks guns are more dangerous than criminals. The other thinks gun-control means a good grip and a steady aim. One believes in capital punishment. The other looks at a serial killer and asks where we, as a society, went wrong.

One feels for illegal aliens denied amnesty. The other feels for the black teens in Newark murdered by illegals last year.

One thinks abortion is a constitutional right. The other thinks it’s an abomination.

One thinks Islamism is a menace. The other thinks it might just have a point.

One thinks parents should raise their children. The other thinks the proverbial Village -- au pairs, Guatemalan housemaids and daycare workers– should shoulder the burden.

One believes society should support marriage. The other thinks it’s passé – except for gays.

One believes in moral absolutes. The other believes in relativism. One believes in free will and personal responsibility. The other believes in Sigmund Freud, Dr Spock and Oprah.

One believes in God. The other believes in government.

It’s hard to warm to a candidate who thinks you’re a malicious moron who takes solace in a .45 and a type of Shiite Christianity.
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