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Red Herrings

My friend Lisa did a fabulous job of seeing the red herring in the gay marriage debate. She correctly identified the issue at the core, that is whether I have the right to disagree with homosexual acts and to act on these values. It seems that the gay rights crowd cannot separate the person from the persons actions- a strangely intolerant view point. But that's a post for another day.
The difficulty in this whole argument is that all our words are becoming corrupt - kind of like the time of the tower of Babel. Marriage must now be coupled with an adjective. Do you mean gay marriage or traditional marriage?
The gay marriage crowd will always attack the traditional marriage crowd with something like this:
They indisputably assert that gay couples are no different than traditional couples and are just as happy and capable too. The only reason you could possible oppose gay marriage is because you are a (fill in the blank with racist, bigot, homophobe, evil person). Parents or individuals who believe that centuries old traditions are desirable are evil and their children should be reprogrammed in public school, (necessitating of course the abolishment of homeschooling).
Actual example from Lisa's article:
Parents shouldn't have total control over everything their children are taught.... You are welcome to teach your children what you would like at home; the earth is 6000 years old, cookies come from elves, and gay = bad. Also, it's strange that someone wouldn't want their child to be adopted into a happy family just because the structure of that family doesn't fit in with their traditional values. Perhaps parents who put their children up for adoption should be able to prevent interracial couples or even couples of another race from adopting them if they think that is wrong?

Do you see the template? Parents are bad, they teach fairy tales, they brainwash their children with hate and they are racists. (Never mind that it is the gay marriage crowd who needs indoctrination to win- but that is an argument for another post)

Pick your issue -they all use it.

This is a dangerous ideology. If it was turned around on them they could swiftly argue against it. But they don't have to. They are the victims, and victims in America don't need to make sense. They use their victimhood as a whip against everyone. It becomes the chip on their shoulder that everyone must avoid or pay the consequences- but in reality is impossible for others to avoid because the victim deems every utterance and nuance to be about the chip....

At the bottom of this issue, if anyone has the time or attention to get to the bottom in today's crazy world, is freedom vs tyranny. Are we really free in America? Freedom means we are free to be wrong, stupid, self destructive, and offensive, and we are free to hold our own values as our conscience dictates. Freedom means that government power does not intimidate us into holding the "right" values as government dictates. Tyranny can be used by individual tyrants or by groups and right now America is being tyrannized by the gay marriage group.
They have made it a goal to change the laws in all of New England this year and they are well on their way to it. It is a brilliant strategy. If they can get many small states to do it, the number will seem larger than it really is. To westerners ten states is half the US by land. But remember that states are very large in the West. In the East, states are sometimes very small. Gay marriage advocates can rush into a small state and appear to be the majority without ever having to actually be from that state. Just wait- before long they will add to their argument that some number of states have already legalized the change and those "other" (read intolerant and bigoted)states will feel the pressure to declare their "tolerance" by making the change as well.
It's all about political pressure. Which is why political education and action is so necessary.
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