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Monday... TGIM!

Do you have a wild weekend mess on Monday? I do. Mondays have become my clean up day. I try to get laundry done, pick up the house after the whirlwind of having everyone home all weekend, and plan for the week. I get to regroup and try to remember all the things I have going on this week. My favorite thing about Monday morning is the time alone. When it's spring it's exponentially more replenishing.
This morning I woke up early to whining dogs who wanted out at about 5:00. I wasn't going back to sleep so I finally got up about 6:00. I don't usually do this, only when I wake up with a clear head and no sleepiness. This is not the norm for me! I guess it means I slept good. I got up and opened all the windows and listened to the birds sing. I heard a quail call and run around the neighborhood. I was aware of all the plants I've planted in the yard and thought about how happy I am that they all seem to be growing this spring. The sun was rising, the sky was blue, the house was quiet, and the grass was wet from the dew. It was the most fabulous feeling.
So even though it is Monday, and the house is a disaster, the sink is full of dishes, and laundry is on the docket, I am feeling very, very good. Thank Goodness It's Monday!
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