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The Second Sun - Chris Stewart

This was a great book. The author is creating a series based on LDS theology about a war between God and Satan that began before the earth was created. I was not impressed with the first book, but after a friend recommended the series, I decided to give it another chance. This is actually the third one. This author being a former military pilot, has a good perspective on the military aspect of this story. This book is all political thriller. The characters range from terrorists, secret service, advisers to the President and soldiers, to average people in America and Iran. Stewart does a great job of explaining the foundation of the war. I already took the book back to the library, or I'd give you a great quote form one of the demons. He sums it up will through the thoughts of the demons and exactly what they are fighting for (misery of all people, enslavement). Stewart has a knack for describing the action. Action is vividly described from the movements of characters to the airplane maneuvers. This book takes place in modern times using modern threats. It left me trying to evaluate my own choices and preparation, both physical and spiritual. It seems like a great way to get teens thinking about how they are influenced in their choices.
The best thing about this author is that the language is clean. So many political thrillers, have great plots, while they have the most crude and unnecessary language.
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