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Follow-up: Fireproof is out on video!

Today Fireproof is out on video. I plan on buying it! It would make a great gift for a couple paired with the Love Dare Book...(Which has been a blessing in my life).
I watched the video with my kids last night. They were begging to watch it and I didn't think they would like it. BUT They LOVED it! They were upset that I had thought they wouldn't like it. It occurred to me that this movie teaches kids that marriage is not all blissful- it's hard work to keep up the good feelings. (Plus now my boys want to be firefighters!)
There are alot of extras on this disc, including clips and discussion guides for couples or groups who want to benefit from its principles. There are bloopers, deleted scenes, and actors extras. The makers talk about how they came up with this movie idea. There are previews of their other movies like Facing the Giants. (I can't wait to see "Love Like Potatoes")
This movie was work the 18.99 I paid at Costco and more!
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