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Billions, Trillions, Quadtrillions, It's Just (your) Money!

I am both sad and outraged. Obama is changing the fabric of this nation. He is taking full advantage of the economic situation and his manipulated popularity. He is spending so much money that nobody can even comprehend the amounts.
He is a liar, and a manipulator. He has consistently said one thing and done another. Even worse he will say one thing and a minute later say the opposite! Even my 13 year old daughter sees that! Americans are throwing away the future with both hands. It is so so so sad!
Meanwhile the stock market tanks, losing half the value of our savings and retirements, universal health care is being plotted, and the banks are being nationalized, the media is still talking about what kind of DOG the President is considering!!!!!!!!!
We are skipping down the road to ruin with a big happy grin... Let's all whistle a tune because we will certainly not be whistling while we work for the government the rest of our lives.
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