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From The End of Heaven- Chris Stewart

"The Epic Conflict of the Last Days Rages On" in this book. Chris Stewart's third book in the Great and Terrible series is another good one. This book is full of thoughtful statements that will challenge your perceptions. Here's the opening:
"New York City, New York
Despite all of its grandeur, beauty, influence and power, it took less than two weeks for the city to die."
From the inside cover:
"The battle of good against evil intensifies in the darkness of an EMP-devastated America."
This book will realistically describe what life in America may be after an EMP attack takes out all electrical functions. Everything from the power grid to watches are dead. For me being our wards Emergency Preparedness Coordinator I was confronted with a whole new perspective of how to prepare. What happens to the people in a large violent city under normal circumstances, when they loose all hope and there is no law enforcement? Anarchy. What will our neighboring countries do? Will they help or take advantage or revenge? What will the secret combinations do?
What will become of our government when a nuclear bomb takes out Washington DC and many layers of our leadership? Who will actually be in control? When TV's don't function, news cannot function, how will the rest of the country know what is happening?
For me this brought up a myriad of questions of how we could be prepared both personally and nationally for a very plausible future EMP attack?
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