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Old School Skills by the Damsel

I found a blog that I just LOVE! She calls herself The Damsel and she is a fabulous writer. Her goal is to bring back old school tricks in order to be more self reliant. She has a fun whimsical and humorous style of writing about the funny things she finds.
Select Your Poison
For instance, I feel like such a fool for buying dryer sheets all my adult life. Did you know you can make your own dryer sheets? Simply soak a washcloth in fabric softener, wring it out, let it dry and you have a dryer sheet that you can use for months!  What a fool I've been!
Another example is buttermilk. Yes buttermilk. I never buy buttermilk. It seems odd and foo foo to me. (not to mention expensive to use in an odd recipe I come across)  Besides almost nothing calls for buttermilk anymore. But she shows how to keep remaking buttermilk from a sample indefinitely- like sourdough.
She found a handy tip to get your disposable razor cartridges to last oh so much longer (like 2 years)! (Enjoy the shirtless stud who demonstrates!)
And her no worry pressure canning salsa that I can't wait to try!
Can I just say, Damsel, I LOVE you!

PS the popcorn idea is also appealing. And I don't like popcorn.
sugary corn
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