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The Great (not) Debate

Ok I watched the last presidential debate. I left it a little early to go to a debate by our local candidates for Congress. I didn't miss anything.

The only line I liked was when McCain replied to Obama's tax plan nonsense with "Hey Joe congratulations! You're rich!" He should have kept it up. It was funny. Only because it was dead on. We don't realize how much money it takes to run a small business. If 250,000 in income for a business is rich, we are all screwed! Remember, that profit has to pay a lot of expenses, and most small business are a sole proprietor. That means that the business income is also personal income. I was frankly put to sleep by the debate. Real debate in America is no longer tolerated. Either our eyes glaze over at the complexities of real issues, or we see partisanship and mud slinging. All I know is that American's better wake up a smell the manure soon or we are really in for a rough ride.
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