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Angry American

This bailout just makes me MAD! I am on of the lucky ones whose Congressmen voted against it - twice! But my Senators voted for it! Sorry America. Your just screwed. Our children have just been sold into slavery.

The worst part is that so many Congresspeople were bought off once pork was added to it. They voted against it the first time. But once it was loaded up with sugar and pork it was ok??? Hey party time how eh? And now they are hiding in their holes rather than explain themselves. Was $700 BILLION not BIG enough the first time around? We are in for a rough ride and I think this bailout has only made it worse. Get buckled in folks. Pay off your debt, save your money, stock the pantry for the future, buy clothing for your kids who will outgrow what they have now. It's not too late, but those who don't make tracks now may not make it. I started a year ago and I may not be prepared enough.
Both of these yahoo's running for president are a joke. Their is no difference and I am back to having to hold my nose and look at Sarah Palin just to think about voting for McCain! I can't believe this supposed "maverick" voted for this bill without a word about all the crap in it. I'm disappointed that Sarah Palin has not attacked this bill. I though McCain was open to disagreement.
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